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your energetic future with 'Dreams'.


Outline of business

Human resource consulting and counseling
  • Personnel training, skills development and career design
  • Leadership, motivation and improvement of communication skills
  • Stress management (Mental health)
  • Human resource development, improving working environment etc.

Y. Nishimura

I will play the guitar if you request!

News and events

Yoshiharu NISHIMURA Profile

Brief personal history
  • Experienced more than ten kinds of part-time jobs in the school days.
  • Worked as a product planner, a systems engineer, etc. in private companies.
  • Acquired national qualification of IT specialist and TOEIC score 895.
  • Passed examinations of Labor and Social Security Attorney,
    Administrative Procedure specialist, and Retail Sales Specialist.
  • Opened an independent office in 1997.

Present positions & other qualifications
  • Labor and Social Security Attorney
  • Career Consultant (National Qualification)
  • CDA(Career Development Adviser)
  • Safety and Health Education Trainer
  • Industrial Counselor
  • Oita City Lifelong Learning Coacher
  • Lecturer of Oita Prefecture Human Rights Education Promotion Conference
  • Japan Retail Sales Specialist Association Registered Lecturer
  • Director and Executive Advisor to the Board of Kowa Industry Co.,Ltd.


Samples of lecture theme
  • Now you can live your delightful life
    - Best use of your properties called 'experiences' -
  • To produce your wishful life theater
    - Getting rid of unconscious discriminations -
  • How to use suitable words
    - Mastering the spirit of words -
  • Achievement of dreams that adults start
    - To raise child's independent spirit and power -
  • Communications skills and stress management of energetic office
  • Pleasant office environment for both men and women
    - You can do it -
  • Revision of laws concerning labor in aged and falled birthrate society

    [Lectures related to "human" have been done many times in various organizations.]

Social Activity

  • Jul 1997 - present
    Oita City Lifelong Learning Coacher
  • May 2001 - Apr 2004
    Chairperson of Kasugamachi Municipal Elementary School PTA
  • Jun 2001 - May 2002
    Vice Chairperson and Human Rights Director of Oita City PTA Federation
  • Jun 2002
    JAWOC Volunteer Interpreter for 2002 FIFA World Cup TM
  • Oct 2002 - Mar 2003
    Member of Central Area Welfare Committee, Oita City Social Welfare Council
  • Apr 2003 - May 2003
    Volunteer Guide for the 20th Japan Urban Green Fair in Oita
  • May 2003 - Apr 2005
    Member of Oita City Social Education Board
  • Apr 2004 - Mar 2008
    Member of Oita City Family Education Promotion Conference
  • May 2005 - Apr 2008
    Chairperson of Oita-Nishi Municipal Junior High School PTA
  • Apr 2006 - Mar 2007
    Member of Oita City Master Plan Investigative Committee
  • Apr 2006 - present
    Lecturer of Oita Prefecture Human Rights Education Promotion Conference
  • Jun 2006 - Mar 2008
    Member of Oita Prefecture Council for Gender Equality
  • Apr 2009 - Mar 2011
    Councilor of Oita-Nishi Municipal Junior High School


Ikushi 2-2-3, Oita-shi
 870-0003 JAPAN
TEL: +81-97-534-4568
FAX: +81-97-535-9399